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Case Studies

Knee Pain

40 year old male patient complaining of knee pain on front of his knee for a few months with no history of injury and a gradual deterioration since onset.

On initial examination the patient was diagnosed with patellofemoral joint pain. This was as a result of tight muscles and fascia (ITB and Hip Flexors) and some weakness of the muscles supporting the knee (Quadriceps) causing lateral deviation of the kneecap and thus abnormal forces being exerted behind the kneecap causing pain.

The patient was given stretching and strengthening exercises and advice. Treatment also consisted of hands-on soft tissue work and Myofascial Release of the tight muscle groups. After 4 sessions of physio the symptoms had resolved and he was pain free and able to get back to all his normal activities and sport.

Back Pain

54 year old female with a 6 month history of Low Back Pain, aggravated by sitting more than 30 minutes, static standing and bending. General day-to-day chores were difficult, as was driving and working (a desk job involving a lot of sitting).

On initial examination she had restricted lumbar spine mobility, with pain at her 5th lumbar vertebrae and trigger points in the surrounding muscles. Neurologically her sensation and reflexes were normal.

Treatment consisted of gentle mobilising exercise, core stability work for her lumbar spine, postural advice and hands-on treatment to relieve the trigger points with mobilizations of the relevant lumbar vertebrae. Ultrasound was also used to settle the inflammation. Gradually her symptoms resolved with treatment and her exercises were progressed accordingly to prevent future recurrences. She was discharged pain-free with good mobility and function.

Shoulder Pain

14 year old boy with sudden onset of right shoulder pain whilst playing tennis. His initial acute pain improved but he was still experiencing intermittent episodes of pain especially whilst playing tennis, cricket and lifting anything with his right hand.

On examination he had restricted internal rotation of his shoulder, pain with overhead movements, positive impingement tests and reduced strength of the rotator cuff muscles around the shoulder blade. Treatment consisted of stretching and strengthening exercises for the shoulder and rotator cuff. He was also given core stability and balance exercises. The shoulder joint was mobilised during physio sessions and the exercises were progressed over a few weeks. After 4 treatments he was pain-free and back playing tennis and cricket.

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